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Dear Parent/Guardian:


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child. Our teachers and staff join me in letting you know that we are happy to have you as a member of our P.S. 201 community.  We will do everything possible to ensure that your child has a successful year.

As the principal of P.S. 201, I am grateful to share in the experience of your child's education.  Our school is strong and staffed with highly qualified teachers who share a personal and professional goal to provide a rich education to your child.

Children come first at P.S. 201 and every decision we make is based upon how it will impact your child.  It is our goal to ensure that all students are learning, asking questions, and acquiring skills needed to become college and career ready.

As parents and guardians, you play a vital role in your child's schooling.  We ask for your cooperation with our school policies and procedures.

Our doors are always open so please join us in helping the students at P.S. 201 reach unprecedented levels of success.


Rebecca Lozada














Rebecca Lozada, Principal



   Joyce Heskial, Assistant Principal
   Jill Amott, Assistant Principal
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